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People always ask us, "What are meringues?" And we always answer, "Wait until you try them!".

Meringhe di Bassano is a truly ancient recipe that was used by a single baker, in the small medieval Italian town called Bassano Del Grappa, over 100 years ago.

It's a light meringue (hence "clouds") made with a combination of egg whites, sugar and baked to perfection at a very low temperature. 

They are filled with natural organic whipped cream and vanilla.

One bite and you are will wonder where we have been all your life.

Be bake the best rugelach ever!

Hand rolled and delicious and true to its ancient ingredients. This is a close as grandma's recipe you'll ever taste.

And inquire about our crack us, you'll never go back to boring .

Just email us at

and we will be happy to get you going with our decadent and fantastic sweets.


Our meringues are freshly baked to order. Egg whites and sugar mixed with as few ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all. All of our customers just love our meringues, and keep coming back for more… some can only get them by the dozen! Taste the Dreamclouds Meringues Bakery difference today. We look forward to impress you!

Meringue. sweet meringue. Tray of mering


Our rugelach is hand rolled and comes in 4 different flavors: traditional (cinnamon, raisin), apricot, raspberry and chocolate raspberry.   
It’s a longtime favorite, and holds a very special place in the hearts of all of our customers. Take some home today, or pre-order for the holidays!


Our coconut macarrons  are baked fresh to perfection, and are a real crowd pleaser. The smell of our macarrons is just so unbelievable it will transport you back to your grandmother’s home during the holidays. Customers love our coconut macarrons so much that they don't need a reason to buy them just for holidays, so we’ll keep baking them ‘til you’ve had enough! They are Gluten-Free.

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